Washington PA Pavilion Renovation Project

The Rotary Club of Washington and the City of Washington are partnering to renovate one of our region’s architectural gems, the Main Pavilion in the Washington Park.

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The historic pavilion was built in 1907, one hundred and ten years ago and has not had a major upgrade to the site since the original construction.  For more than one hundred years, the main pavilion has held a special place in the hearts of our community.  It has helped us celebrate our weddings, anniversaries, family reunions, class reunions, birthdays and family picnics.  It more recent years, the pavilion has become a place of celebration for the entire Washington Community.  It has hosted musical events, block parties, scouting activities, sport team parties, fundraising events, and of course, theatre productions.

The renovation will be completed in a few stages over the next few years.  Our goal is to complete the project by June of 2018 and the total cost for the project is estimated to be around $800,000.

Pavilion Updates

Some highlights of the planned improvements are:

New Roof

Roof Completed, Dec 2017

Accessible bathrooms

New stone facing to the lower level

Repaving roads around the pavilion

New community catering kitchen for events

Upgrade of all electrical service & lighting

Restoration of floors, ceiling, walks & railings

Restoring the original front stairway design

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